Ara Malikian is a Spanish violinist of Lebanese origin and Armenian descent. At an early age his talent was recognized despite the circumstances in which the Lebanese civil war forced him to live. Tour 15, one of the largest in recent years, was a public and critical success with more than 175,000 spectators and more than 150 concerts. After his last Petit Garage tour, the result of the transformation of his previous Royal Garage tour into a piano and violin show, with which he toured the world, he returns with The Ara Malikian World Tour.

Ara Malikian defines his new tour as “the result of seeing my son grow, of my growth by his side, is all those sounds and melodies that try to shape what I have felt and have inspired me from him and from life to through him. It is an encounter with the child that I could not be and would have dreamed of being. It is a homage to those beings who are as free as a free bird”.

09 | February | 21:00 h