Sold out

Necessity is the mother of inventions, and “UNICO” is good proof of that, born from the dark and hard side of life, with a spirit of survival and an undisputable aim of entertaining your senses.

Life won’t give you more than you can handle, and when I least expected, liberty and necessity built inside my mind something unimaginable at the beginning. The proof that mixture, before being mixture, had been pure, synthesis and origin of the unwearied search for new paths, for new and different ways to tell you about life.

Life itself leaves no one indifferent.

UNICO is not a concert, not a theatre play, or a movie; it’s neither prose nor poetry. Don’t expect something ordinary and just let yourself be found, we’ll talk about you, your life, your feelings and your fears, UNICO is you, UNICO is a wonderful part of your life.

If you ever thought my songs talked about you, stop doubting, they really talk about you!

22 | July | 21:00 h